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"Free Ride" bronze casting, 22'' high
with clay original detail in b & w
Toronto Area, Canada
Gold plated Bronze casting
with engraved granite base.
14' high in total
"Any Moment Now"
bronze casting
22 ''. high  without base
"Between Flows"
bronze casting
9 ''. high in total
"Confrontation" - African
bronze casting, 16 ''. high
"Buried treasure" Clay sculpture
8'' high without base
"Open Water" polar
bears, epoxy resin
casting, 6 ''. high
without base
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Richard Stanley
"Water, Water, Everywhere"
Wax original for Bronze
casting 5''. high x 14''.wide
"Rewards of Patience"
Wax original for Bronze casting
21''. high  x 18'',wide
Magna Int. Founder
Clay original for bronze casting
"Any Moment Now" - Bronze casting 22'' high